Birth of Halanx Homes

Computer Architecture Lab it was, I quickly finished my tasks with my friend’s help, and ran out of DTU to nearest metro station samaypur badli. Someone special was waiting for me at GTB Nagar. It’s a secret. Let’s come to the point.

I got off at GTB Nagar metro station. I found an old father with his daughter being stopped by metro officials. He said, “ Mere paas paise nhi hai, sab khatam ho gya h bacchi ki admission me”. I went there, and asked “ What happened?” He was speaking in Hindi, so lemme translate what he said.

Actually, he came here for his daughter’s admission for IAS preparation. He came with a budget to pay his daughter’s admission fee, one month living expenses, and few thousands rupees for commute. All money got used up, except her one month rent, and few hundreds for her small expenses.

He knocked fifty plus doors to find a house on rent for his daughter, to skip one month rental brokerage by property dealers. He couldn’t find any. But he didn’t want any disturbance with his daughter’s education, he paid the brokerage. His daughter said, she can only spend those 700 for a week max, she can’t even buy mattresses, or bed. Her room was unfurnished.

Now, he had no money for himself to go back to his village. I gave him two thousand rupees for metro expense, and food. I had only 2 thousands as cash. He rejected me, said “Nahi beta”. But I insisted to keep. Finally, he took.

I really respect that man a lot. He gave his daughter whatever he had. I understood that day, that how much love a father has for his daughter, who knocked many doors, got rejected, gave everything he had.

I met Tejal afterwards, and came back thinking about all the problems that father and his daughter faced. I found following problems:

  1. Searching a house on rent for single boys or girls is very tough, because most of the house owners reject them, since they can’t earn money for 5–10 years from these tenants, because they come for 6 months to 3 years for education or employment. And obviously, they think, these youth are the most unethical people on this world. Many give other reasons too
  2. Property dealers exploit this information gap, and charge 1–2 months of rent as brokerage. Sorry, brokers.
  3. It costs a lot to furnish a house.
  4. And 87% of house owners in India take rent in cash, and increase or decrease the rent whenever they want. This is truth. The problem here is, majority of them don’t pay tax to the government on this earning. They are not contributing to the growth of our nation.

We, at Halanx, continued our mission to make our neighborhood easily accessible, connected, safer and affordable.

Now, Halanx Homes is born to solve these problems. Now, you can rent furnished houses with all amenities, on a single tap of your phone, pay rent online. And yes, Zero brokerage!

Aren’t we obliged to support those who build the future of our nation, the youth?

Shouldn’t we give them the freedom and privacy they need?

Let’s make our neighborhood better. Ultimately, “acche din aayenge”, irrespective of who win the elections.